Canvas Awnings

Add a traditional decorative touch to your home or business with canvas awnings from Best Awnings Miami. Canvas awnings have a classic appearance and modern technology allows for a high amount of flexibility in the design.

Plus, canvas awnings are woven, which makes them highly breathable. Hot air doesn’t get trapped underneath the awning, but is free to circulate, which reduces temperatures in the shade. They are also highly durable.
Create a respite from the scorching Miami sun with canvas awnings! We offer custom design services for a diverse client base, including commercial and residential clients.

Whether you just want to provide some sun protection over your home patio or stylish awnings to provide some shade over the windows of your storefront, Best Awnings Miami can make your vision a reality.

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The Benefits of Canvas Awnings

At Best Awnings Miami, we use the highest-quality materials available. What most companies in the industry refer to as “canvas” is actually acrylic. While true cotton canvas was common once upon a time, acrylic has distinctive advantages.

For one, acrylic offers excellent UV protection. Our canvas awnings filter 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Acrylic is also naturally mildew and water-resistant, giving it durability.

Solution dyed acrylic, one of the most common types, is incredibly color-fast and longlasting.

In all, acrylic canvas awnings offer a rich array of colors to coordinate with the design of your home or business. We can even create custom branded awnings for you to increase your business’ visibility.

Best Awnings Miami Offers the Best Value on Canvas Awnings

Best Awnings Miami’s full-service approach means we handle every step of the process, from the initial design to manufacturing, as well as obtaining permits and installation. We do the work so you don’t have to! You’ll love our canvas awning prices, too!

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