Patio Awnings

The hot Miami sun beating down on your patio can render it nearly useless. Reclaim your space with custom patio awnings from Best Awnings Miami. In addition to adding value to your home, awnings and canopies can make your porch more usable by allowing you to not only stand on your patio, but relax outdoors in the shade.

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Patio Awnings Transform Patios into the Perfect Place to Entertain

Our patio awnings and canopies are perfect for homes that want a spot to entertain outdoors. The sun beating down on concrete, stone, or tile can lead to a very hot surface, one that you certainly don’t want to walk on. Between a hot surface and the sun glaring overhead, who would want to sit outside?

With awnings and canopies to protect your patio, you can lower the temperature and create an inviting space. Whether it’s just family meals outdoors or a few of your best friends, Best Awnings Miami helps make your patio space your own.

Not only that, but adding awnings can actually increase the value of your home.

Custom Designs That Suit You

At Best Awnings Miami, we use only the highest quality materials. Our talented experts can design custom awnings that match your home’s architecture, no matter its age. For older homes, we can create period-accurate pieces with modern materials.

We even offer retractable awnings, which give you shade when you need it, and sunlight when you want it. Retractable awnings come in a variety of designs. Motorized retractable awnings operate at the touch of the button. A sensor enables the awning to automatically retract if the wind speeds reach a dangerous point.

Unbeatable Value for Miami Residents

Best Awnings Miami is a full-service company with a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship, reliability, and value. We’ll handle the entire process for you, from the initial design to manufacturing and installation.

We also offer some of the best patio awning prices throughout southern Florida! Call   or email today to set up your free consultation and see how we can help you reclaim your outdoor space!